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Ep17 Own Your Healthy! Your a Frigging Miracle!

Lana talks about what it means to be worthy! To Own Your Health! You are a frigging miracle so respect your being and know that you have the where...

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Ep16 Know Your Health Numbers

You go to the Doctor because "something is just not right"! They do the lab work and everything comes back "well your numbers are in the normal range"...

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EP15 Get PassionFlower about Your Sleep

Quality Sleep is one of the corner stones of our health. It is the time when our body goes into repair mode. Our cells, our organs - everything rejuvenates...

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Ep14 Feeling a little “Dryed out”? Sjögren’s syndrome with Divya Dhawan

Join Lana as she dives into Divya Dhawan's Sjogren's Syndrome journey. Divya Dhawan is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and she helps people with Autoimmune disorders like Sjögren's syndrome...

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Ep12 An Amazing Entrepreneurs Elixir with Lisa Pivo

Lisa Pivo helps you become a more successful entrepreneur by giving you access to the secret entrepreneurs elixir. The 80% of Success that most Entrepreneurs Struggle with isn’t what...

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