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Inspiring and empowering our listeners that their health can be more, whatever they want that “more” to be.

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Ep22 I Want to Thank You … for giving me the Best Year

I Want to Thank You ... for listening, engaging and being part of Empowering Health Journeys. I Want you to know that everyday, several times a day I am Grateful...

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Ep21 Telling a 1000 voices to BE QUIET! Brainwave Entrainment and The Morry Method

When you realize the 1000's of voices, you've been hearing for YEARS, are quiet or gone! The journey to figuring out Morry's Method of brainwave entrainment is interesting. The...

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Ep19 Wired and Tired Asiz Dragon, Oh the Joys of Adrenal Fatigue with Lana Kirtley

What's Adrenal Fatigue, The Stages & What you might be Experiencing. Adrenal Fatigue is to much Stress, For to Long and our Body struggles to keep us upright. If you are...

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Ep18 “Monkey Brain” or Calm & Focused – Yoga & Yoga Nidra with Connie Mah

Coping Skills, Stress, Overwhelm - Are you feeling like life is "A little to much " right now? Connie Mah of Yogafun - Kids Yoga and Host Lana Kirtley talk...

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Ep17 Own Your Healthy! Your a Frigging Miracle!

Lana talks about what it means to be worthy! To Own Your Health! You are a frigging miracle so respect your being and know that you have the where...

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