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Ep29 – Swift-Shift into Focus and Flow: Up Level Your State now with Zola de Firmian

Swift-Shift into Focus and Flow: Uplevel Your State now." Yes, you can lose the friction, resistance, overwhelm... with ease. Discover Neuroscience-based ways to stay consistently more energized, aligned, and...

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Ep30 – Create Freedom With Momentum AND Detachment with Lars Rain Gustafsson & Lana Kirtley

Achieving Inner Peace Through The Momentum Of Practicing Detachment Lars Rain Gustafsson - UEXL Institute - Create Freedom With Momentum AND Detachment Do you feel like you have hit a...

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Ep31 – Self Care is NOT Selfish with Elaine Gibson & Lana Kirtley

Self Care is NOT Selfish - Elaine Gibson of Renewed Living Lana learns of Elaine's journey of cancer, a second diagnosis, and understanding the impact of alkalinity and our...

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Ep28_Tiaho – A Meditation on Steroids’ experience with Scott Walker

Tiaho - To Shine from within - To Emit Light Scott was diagnosed with Bipolar Jan 1st 2020 and then "lost" 10 days of his life. His journey to...

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Ep27 – with Lucinda Sykes – Optimism is Good Medicine!

Optimism is Good Medicine! The Surprising Science of Optimism & Mindfulness "What is optimism anyways and what does the research indicate? Be Mindful of your thoughts - Optimism is...

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Ep26_So We Are Wired Differently!!! Join in as Dr Delia McCabe and Lana explore stress and Women

Dr. Delia McCabe of Lighter, Brighter You! and Lana discuss the Nutritional Cost of Chronic Stress and why Being Stressed Is So Exhausting. Dr Delia's passion is helping people...

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