Ep29 – Swift-Shift into Focus and Flow: Up Level Your State now with Zola de Firmian

Swift-Shift into Focus and Flow: Uplevel Your State now.” 
Yes, you can lose the friction, resistance, overwhelm… with ease. Discover Neuroscience-based ways to stay consistently more energized, aligned, and centered. Enter “flow states” so work unfolds with way less stress on your system. Love your day!

Zola and I talk about Creatives and Entrepreneurs creating an Optimal Business and a Vibrant Life! Visualizing  our worlds as productive, Effective, and a bit of Zen. and the Outer Music that shifts 3 Golden Threads to ReSet & ReFresh 

Create your own *5* Star Amazing Morning Practice!  Start every morning with YOUR optimal energy, focus. Learn to kick-start into FLOW every single day, for FOCUS, FUN, RESULTS.

Creative Momentum, Optimal Business, Zola  de Firmian, Lana Kirtley, Empowering Health Journeys, Adrenal Fatigue, Health Coach

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