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Ep29 – Swift-Shift into Focus and Flow: Up Level Your State now with Zola de Firmian

Swift-Shift into Focus and Flow: Uplevel Your State now.” Yes, you can lose the friction, resistance, overwhelm… with ease. Discover Neuroscience-based ways to stay consistently more energized, aligned, and centered. Enter “flow states” so work unfolds with way less stress on your system. Love your day!

Zola and I talk about Creatives and Entrepreneurs creating an Optimal Business and a Vibrant Life! Visualizing our worlds as productive, Effective, and a bit of Zen. and the Outer Music that shifts 3 Golden Threads to ReSet & ReFresh

Create your own *5* Star Amazing Morning Practice! Start every morning with YOUR optimal energy, focus. Learn to kick-start into FLOW every single day, for FOCUS, FUN, RESULTS.

Creative Momentum, Optimal Business, Zola de Firmian, Lana Kirtley, Empowering Health Journeys, Adrenal Fatigue, Health Coach

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Ep30 – Create Freedom With Momentum AND Detachment with Lars Rain Gustafsson & Lana Kirtley

Achieving Inner Peace Through The Momentum Of Practicing Detachment

Lars Rain Gustafsson – UEXL Institute – Create Freedom With Momentum AND Detachment

Do you feel like you have hit a wall or ceiling in your relationships, spiritual growth, personal joy, career and/or income? We begin to unpack how to observe momentum, track it, nurture it, and finally add in the Detachment Ritual to catapult you through any barrier or block in your life… with grace and ease.

How did you discover the power of practicing detachment? How does momentum work in creating inner peace, especially when you add in the practice of detachment? How can we create a pattern of living (weekly scheduling) to practice momentum and detachment?

The combination of all the momentum strategies combined with practicing detachment will give you the freedom to accomplish, be, do and have all you want in life!

Lars Rain Gustafsson, UEXL Institute, Lana Kirtley, Empowering Health Journeys, Detachment, Body Mind Link

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Ep31 – Self Care is NOT Selfish with Elaine Gibson & Lana Kirtley

Self Care is NOT Selfish – Elaine Gibson of Renewed Living

Lana learns of Elaine’s journey of cancer, a second diagnosis, and understanding the impact of alkalinity and our cell’s desire for oxygen. Decision Fatigue is real and being aware if we are settling in some areas of our lives. How this settling is impacting our lives, our health, and our legacy. Self Care is Absolute, not an option

Elaine offers a Feel Fabulous Fast Intensive Session and a clean eating system designed with real foods & simple steps that will change your life forever.

Elaine Gibson, Renewed Living, Lana Kirtley, Empowering Health Journeys, Cancer, Raw Foods, Alkalinity, Oxygen

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Ep28_Tiaho – A Meditation on Steroids’ experience with Scott Walker

Tiaho – To Shine from within – To Emit Light

Scott was diagnosed with Bipolar Jan 1st 2020 and then “lost” 10 days of his life. His journey to prescription free is inspiring . All he asks is that we are Radically Open Minded … and that’s part of why Lana enjoys this conversation and experiencing Scott’s Universal Sphere meditation.

Listen now and listen again when you have 30 mins of quiet time – the “Meditation on Steroids’ ” is fabulous and a quick easy way to feel grounded and calm yet energized.

#Meditation, #Grounded, #BiPolar, #Tiaho, #LanaKirtley , #ScottWalker, #EmpoweringHealthJourneys

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Ep27 – with Lucinda Sykes – Optimism is Good Medicine!

Optimism is Good Medicine! The Surprising Science of Optimism & Mindfulness
“What is optimism anyways and what does the research indicate?
Be Mindful of your thoughts – Optimism is great for our cells!
Have you ever heard of the Nurses Study and a positive mindset? It is “a force to be reckoned with” study in highlight the indisputable attribute of optism !

Check out the Life Orientation test – revised. It is fun and hey a little “self navel gazing” is maybe what you need to do!

cognitive conscious body work empoweringhealthjourneys lana kirtley lucinda sykes medicine optimism

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Ep26_So We Are Wired Differently!!! Join in as Dr Delia McCabe and Lana explore stress and Women

Dr. Delia McCabe of Lighter, Brighter You! and Lana discuss the Nutritional Cost of Chronic Stress and why Being Stressed Is So Exhausting.

Dr Delia’s passion is helping people who want to heal their brain from trauma and chronic stress. She combines the latest neuroscience about nutrition and other lifestyle choices and brain health.

Stress is nutritionally expensive! And the best way to “view” stress is to learn how to become stress-resilient instead of thinking of the utopia world of no stress. Who can we manage stress more effectively?

#chronic #drdeliamccabe #empoweringhealthjourneys #empoweryourhealth #lanakirtley #neuroscience #nutrition #resilency #stress

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Ep25 – Food for Thought … Are You Ready to live “Lit Up”? with Dr Udo Erasmus the author of Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill

Food for Thought … Are You Ready to live “Lit Up”?
Come join Dr Udo Erasmus the author of Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill and Lana .
An enlightening discussion about:
Dr Udo’s journey … fyi It is Inspiring!
Health yeh – Sexy Health & Human Nature
The value of EFA’s and the “God” molecule
Being Lit Up from within

Come join us on the Journey … You just might be inspired to “Get Lit Up”

You can discover more of Dr Udo’s wisdom at www.TheUdo.com
Join this podcast tribe and stay in the loop about upcoming episodes at …

#DrUdoErasmus , #LanaKirtley, #FatsthatHeal, #LitUp, #Omega3, #Omega6, #EPA, #DHA,

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Ep24 – The Value of Circulation with Nancy Pellegrini

PEMF Device & North American Class 2 FDA approved Medical Device
BEMER therapy focuses on the core systems necessary for health and well being. Many physical discomforts are directly related to a diminished circulatory system which can result in dysfunctional metabolic processes. BEMER therapy enhances: General Blood flow, The Body’s Nutrient and Oxygen Supply and Waste Disposal, Cardiac Function, Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength and Energy
Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction and Relaxation, Sleep Management

www.nancy-pellegrini.bemergroup.com https://lanakirtley.bemergroup.com/en-CA
#bemer #blood #chronic #circulation #lanakirtley #nancypellegrini #parasympathetic #pemf

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Ep23 – When You are a little Basic – Know Your Health Numbers – Acidic or Alkaline

Casually monitoring some of your Health Numbers is easy . The awareness ups your live “full out” because you are showing self love, self care. This episode we are reviewing how to monitor how acidic or alkaline your urine is, which in turn is an indicator of whether your body is acidic or more neutral. Rarely are we to alkaline, sometimes yes, BUT More Often we are to Acidic … and several “dis Eases” flourish in an acidic environment …. namely cancer. Let’s talk Numbers
#lanakirtley #empoweringhealthjourneys #bodyph #acidic # alkaline #cancer

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Ep22 I Want to Thank You … for giving me the Best Year

I Want to Thank You … for listening, engaging and being part of Empowering Health Journeys.
I Want you to know that everyday, several times a day I am Grateful for you and what you bring to my world as I work diligently to bring value to your journey.
I want to say Thank You, Arigato, Mahalo & Namaste
I hope we connect and flourish with even greater joy and gratitude in 2021.

#namaste #arigato #Thank You #mahola #Gratitude #EmpoweringHealthJourneys

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