Empowering Health Journeys

Empowering Health Journeys is all about the 4 Cornerstones of Our Health and Well Being. Lana takes great pride in sharing her podcast guests with her listeners. She enjoys helping people, providing information, guidance and insight into the connection between lifestyle, nutrition, our thoughts, sleep habits and our health and well being. She wholehearted encourages the 1 degree changes, empowering our journeys. Empowering Health Journeys is about “Invest first in your Health and then your Wealth” 

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Lana Kirtley

Now you know a little about Empowering Health Journeys … but who the heck is Lana Kirtley? and Why Health Coaching?

The short of it is … because I’ve been through the stress of martial issues and divorce, unemployment, single motherhood (10 + years now), family was 4+ hrs away and financial stress.  I’ve struggled with the head games of “not being enough”. The moments, if you can call several years as moments, of dealing with migraine after migraine, Wired and Tired for 2+ years, hair loss that I didn’t realize was “abnormally large quantities of” , that the constant “brain farts” and inability to articulate was something more.  I’ve dealt with Adrenal Fatigue in a small rural community.  With Health Care Professionals that never asked me what was going on!  

After graduating with my B.Sc. I became a Step Aerobics instructor and LOVED IT.  I was FIT and having fun! My job, that I held for 12 years included monthly presentations regarding health and wellness.  Then the Stress RollerCoaster arrived and I struggled! While I was studying for my Certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach then I learned about Hormone Testing and because I was over 50 I wondered what my hormone numbers were.  There RESULTS, reviewed with the help of a Naturopath, that was located 2 hrs away, lead me to digging deep to understand the ins and outs of Adrenal Fatigue, what I was doing to myself and how to dig myself out of the mess.

Don’t misunderstand me … This is an everyday process to be mindful, to heed my bodies messages and to be ever aware of the stressors of life.  

If you want help with the health chaos then I’m here to walk YOU out of the maze.  It’s beautiful out here!